Number of places : 2000
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 28, 2020
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Quite simply: Welcome and thank you !

The success of L’Alsacienne is mainly due to its 200 volunteers.

Volunteers offer their precious time to welcome, share and serve with a smile
Volunteers, thanks to whom the cyclists are welcomed, can ride safely and enjoy a friendly atmosphere.

Volunteers receive :

  • a meal following their duties from Saturday to Monday
  • a snack while helping during the event
  • a L’Alsacienne polo shirt and cap to be worn during your duties
  • a friendly gathering in the autumn over a meal
  • and… countless thanks from the cyclists!

In the reception area

Welcome, serve, inform

From distributing bib numbers and Welcome Packs to managing waste and serving meals…

On the courses

Guide, ensure safety, provide food

Experience high points in the heart of the sports event, in a vehicle, on a motorbike, at the intersections, at the feed zones.

General help with the event

Prepare, organise, tidy

Essential tasks that are both rich and varied, carried out behind the scenes to welcome under the best conditions.

If you would like to take part in the success of L’Alsacienne, then :


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