Number of places : 2000
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 27, 2021
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Supporting documents

It is the responsibility of each entrant to check the status of their registration

Validated = Entry authorised

In accordance with Articles L231-2 and L231-3 of the French Sports Code, participation in a sports competition, in particular under the aegis of the French Cycling Federation (FFC), is subject to mandatory production of:


Listed below, valid for the year of L’Alsacienne, completed with the following compulsory statements:

  • FFC : CM = Oui
  • FFTRI : Non contre-indication à la pratique du sport en compétition
  • UFOLEP : Date certificat médical / Avec pratique compétitive / Pratiquant R5
  • FSGT : Certificat médical présenté = Oui / ou / Certificat médical reconduit = Oui
Or a medical certificate

Drawn up in French, German or English, which must include:

  • Surname, first name and date of birth of the entrant (same information as in the registration form)
  • No contra-indication to the practice of competitive cycling
    • The only valid statement is “competitive cycling” (cycling, bicycle touring, and sport in general are not allowed)
    • The term “competitive” is essential
  • The date of issue of the medical certificate (within one year of the date of the event)
  • Stamp and signature of the doctor

Foreign participants must provide a medical certificate, even if they have a competition licence issued by a federation affiliated to the UCI.

To avoid any vocabulary errors that would lead to the supporting document being rejected, you are advised to use the model below (to be downloaded).

  • The licence or medical certificate must be uploaded via the online registration form. See the section REGISTER
  • No other method of submission is accepted. Therefore, you cannot submit the supporting document by email, letter or on site
  • The registration closing date is specified in the section REGISTER

It is the responsibility of each entrant to check their registration status by consulting the section ENTRANTS LIST

  • Applicants whose supporting document has “Accepted” status at the registration closing date will receive a bib number
  • Applicants whose supporting document has “Rejected” status at the registration closing date will not receive any services (no bib number, welcome pack or meal)


  • The organisation retains all registration fees, regardless of the application status
  • No waiver of liability will be accepted

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