Number of places : 2000
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 28, 2020
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Starting area

A host of emotions while you wait to start

Access & Control

The starting area is located at 0 km on the Route des Crêtes, on the way out of the village of UFFHOLTZ.

The entrance to the starting area can be accessed from Uffholtz. Any other access to the starting area is strictly forbidden.

A regulatory control (of the equipment, bib number and number board) is carried out by an FFC official at the entrance to the starting area.


  • 6.45 am: opening of the starting area for L’Indomptable and L’Intrépide
  • 7.30 am: Start of L’Indomptable and L’Intrépide
  • 8 am: opening of the starting area for L’Audacieuse
  • 8.30 am: Start of L’Audacieuse

Each cyclist’s start time is recorded as they cross the starting line. There is therefore no need to hurry and jostle in the starting area to get ahead by a few places at the start.

For supporters

Access to the start point is forbidden for vehicles. Supporters are asked to go via the village of Wattwiller to the 3rd kilometre of the event, which takes just a few minutes by car.

Route des Crêtes – 68700 UFFHOLTZ – 47.824287, 7.159812


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