Number of places : 2000
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 28, 2020
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Route profiles – Descriptions

The challenge: complete a series of new and difficult climbs within a prescribed time limit

Exceptional courses for experienced cyclists



START : 7.30 am

L’Indomptable is the greatest challenge in the Vosges Mountains. After an intense warm-up of about 113 kilometres with L’Intrépide, the difficulties that follow are on a totally different scale if you are to cross the finish line within the time limit.

Only highly trained cyclists will be able to overcome the difficulties of this mountain event



START : 7.30 am

L’Intrépide has lots of climbs and descents on real mountain roads, together with cobblestones and surprising gradients. This course allows climbers to put their qualities to full use…

L'Alsacienne is for experienced and well-trained cyclists who can do their own repairs



START : 8.30 am

L’Audacieuse passes through the most beautiful scenery in the Vosges Mountains. This magnificent course invites you to discover cyclosportives. However, special attention must be given to the time limits at 27 km.


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