If you are between 4 and 12, like cycling and would like to participate to L’Alsacienne, we are expecting you at Daniel ECK sports centre, the cyclosportive hub. Coaches from the FFC (French Cycling Federation) offer you games and a road safety test.

The games are organised as workshops. Among other things, you can take part in an agility course, a proficiency course (slalom, passing under bars, bell…) and many more surprises. Everything is offered, nothing is mandatory.


It’s very simple to take part in the games :

  • Your legal representative needs to pre-book you before the 29nd of June, using the electronic form
  • On the Saturday, you turn up between 2pm and 5pm, armed with your bike in good condition (especially the braking system). You will obviously wear a bike helmet that fits your head.
  • Your legal representative signs the parental waiver and pays a €2.00 contribution.

If you took part in a minimum number of games, you will receive your certificate.

Information for parents and legal representatives

The children are participating under their parents responsibility. Hence, once the waiver is signed, your presence, however discreet, is expected.

The games offered do not have any competitive element. They are to be moments of sharing, discovery and smiling for the children as well as the parents.

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