Number of places : 2000
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 28, 2020
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A responsible eco approach

L’Alsacienne courses have the privilege of crossing a mountain range that is protected, but is nevertheless fragile. For this reason, we ALL have a duty to RESPECT these magnificent sites.

For us, the ORGANISERS,

this respect results in naturally adopting an eco-responsible and eco-logical approach:

Priority given to short channels

All our food products are produced in our region, the cycling jersey is made in Alsace, and our partners are 100% Alsatian

Reduce waste at its source

Cardboard boxes are reused by suppliers, plastic cups are recycled, the tray meals are bio-compostable, digital media are favoured, and the timing chips are reused. The type and volume of waste and the quality of sorting are analysed at the end of each event.

Protect the natural environment

Food at the organisation’s feed zones does not have packaging, the feed zones are located outside any sensitive zones, car sharing is favoured, signs are made of recyclable materials and reused. Cyclists found leaving litter behind are disqualified.

You, the CYCLISTS,

can show this respect in simple ways:

Don’t be wasteful

To avoid wasting food, applicants wishing to register for the event have the option to register WITH or WITHOUT meals.

Avoid over-consuming

Enough food and drink is provided at the feed zones. Only take what you strictly need, especially as there are lots of feed zones and they are strategically placed.

Sort your waste properly

Keep your waste in your pockets, like you do during your training rides
Respect the selective sorting of waste at the reception area and feed zones

Together, by our behaviour and with common sense,

we will ensure that the event is clean and sustainable


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