Number of places : 2000
Cernay - France
Sunday, June 28, 2020

Exceptional courses for experienced cyclists


With each new event, L’Alsacienne confirms its original aim of sharing a passion for cycling in the mountains, and offering a fun time for all, both entrants and volunteers.

For the 5th L’Alsacienne, the difficulty of L’Indomptable and L’Intrépide has been noticeably increased. These courses are only for experienced cyclists who are very fit. The beauty of the new areas crossed makes up for the efforts required by these exceptional courses. There is a short neutralised section with a speed check while crossing Alsatian villages and vineyards.

L’Audacieuse passes through the most beautiful scenery in the Vosges Mountains. Although it is shorter than the previous two courses, this magnificent route is still a challenge for any cyclists who have had appropriate training.

The safety procedures are completed by time limits and application of the rules in force.

You will find a summary of the new features in 2020 under this editorial. They should enable you to make the most of this event, which we hope will be as great as possible!

The organising team thanks you for your interest and hopes to see you in Cernay at L’Alsacienne 2020

The challenge

Complete a series of difficult climbs within a prescribed time limit!


New features in 2020


Compulsory supporting document

You must upload your supporting document when you register online.

It is the responsibility of each entrant to check the status of their registration by consulting the ENTRANTS LIST


Eco-responsible attitude

To avoid wasting food, applicants wishing to register for the event now have the option to register WITH or WITHOUT meals.


Cancellation insurance

When registering for the event, L’Alsacienne enables you to take out cancellation insurance to cover the repayment of the registration costs for the event.

Supporting documents


Only entrants whose application status is “Accepted” at the registration closing date will be given a bib number and be able to take part in the event and take advantage of all its aspects. The organisation retains all registration fees, regardless of the status of the application.


Great new changes

L’Indomptable and L’Intrépide offer new difficulties for experienced cyclists. Appropriate training is essential to take part in these two demanding courses which include a cobblestone section and steep climbs in a picturesque area.

Time limits

A reasonable requirement

Time limits exclude cyclists or require them to change course.
Only highly trained cyclists will be able to overcome the difficulties of this mountain event

Neutralised section
Speed check

Safety plan

To ensure that the speed limit is respected from the entry to Soultzmatt to the end of Westhalten, a minimum time check will be carried out in this neutralised section. Cyclists who do not respect the minimum time will receive a 15-minute penalty.

Broom wagon

Restricted access

Cyclists who are overtaken by the broom wagon are declared “Did Not Finish”. Only cyclists who have mechanical difficulties that cannot be repaired with the minimum recommended tool kit (equipment to repair a flat tyre at least) can be rescued by the broom wagon.


New grounds for disqualification

Cyclists will be disqualified if they :

  • are accompanied by a cyclist who has not registered for the event for all or part of the course.
  • are rude to a volunteer or any person involved in the smooth running of the event

Only highly trained cyclists will be able to overcome the difficulties of this mountain event


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